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PA accuses America of being Anti-Arab and hatching an "American-Israeli conspiracy against Arab interests"

Headline: "American intervention in our daily life"


Editor in chief of official PA daily attacks America for conditioning their financial aid on a commitment not to support terror



"Ever since the siege on Martyr (Shahid) Yasser Arafat, former US President Bush has spoken openly about a program to form an alternative leadership for the Palestinian nation, and his intention was to invent a leadership marked 'Made in the USA'.


American Secretary of State Rice began to formulate programs to carry out Bush's desire, and it included Palestine and Zaire. Programs were tried and institutions were inaugurated to this end, and in spite of objections and resistance, Palestine remained silent, not doing what was needed to oppose this most dangerous decision to intrude in Palestinian affairs, as if Palestine were some American ranch. Using its [financial] support as cover, the American administration continued with the disgraceful 'terror document' that views the Palestinian nation as terrorist and compels whoever is interested in getting financing to sign that they will not use the money to support terror or [terrorists]. [This happened] with no widespread or official movement [to oppose these measures]. [Those required to] sign include even the delivery boy bringing sandwiches to an American project.


Even though the urban and rural councils in the Jerusalem district boycotted the American agency's [USAID's] projects that required the signature, some of the other municipalities and [local] councils continued not only to sign, but to publish notices thanking the [USAID] agency.


One must admire the Jerusalem District's position, and it should be studied [and emulated]…


The recent American-Israeli campaign to wave [a threat to] stop financial aid because the Palestinian nation is applying to the UN – the world's address to solve problems through international law and legitimization – blatantly exposes the American-Israeli conspiracy against Arab interests...


America must know that its policy – anti-Arab in general and anti-Palestinian in particular, [its] opposition [to Arab interests] that has pushed it into interfering even in the social fabric [of our society] and into using money to threaten us – it must know that its policy harms its own interests. One must expect a broad-based popular movement in the region, and especially in Palestine, that will oppose such a policy…


American interference in our political, cultural, and societal life must stop.