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PA Minister: Israel is using Eilat terror attack to serve government interests

On August 18, 2011, several Palestinian terrorists armed with rifles and bombs carried out a series of coordinated terror attacks near Eilat killing 6 civilians, a soldier and a security officer. Israel responded to the attacks by targeting the leaders of the organization behind the terror attack, the Popular Resistance Committees, killing 5 members of this terror organization and a child in an air strike on Gaza.
PA TV broadcast an interview over the phone with Mahmoud Al-Habbash, Minister of Religious Affairs, on the subject of the attack and Israel’s response:
 "Israel [in its response] is trying to export its crisis... It has found refuge in the situation in which we now find ourselves in the wake of the operation (i.e., terror attack) that took place in Eilat; it has found refuge in it. Now it is trying to escalate the crisis through an attack on the Gaza Strip and attacking civilians in Gaza, in order to try to turn the situation around, in an attempt to confound the internal Palestinian scene and the international political scene, thinking that this might be [a possibility for] escaping the realization [of the Palestinian state] at the UN."
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