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Palestinians protest against the PA's violent murder of PA critic and activist Nizar Banat

Headline: “Organizing a protest demonstration – El-Bireh: Postponement of the trial of activists accused of disorderly conduct”



“[Palestinian] civilians and human rights activists demonstrated in front of the court complex in Ramallah yesterday [Dec. 19, 2021], protesting the trial of public opinion activists.

The protesters gathered in front of the court complex in the city before the discussion of the trial of 35 public opinion activists who are being held in detention for different periods, [and who were arrested] over their participation in demonstrations against violations by the [Palestinian] Authority [Security] Forces (refers to Palestinian civilians protesting against the PA over activist Nizar Banat’s murder; see note below -Ed.).

The Magistrate Court in Ramallah postponed discussing nine cases against activists and human rights defenders until Jan. 19 [2022].

One of the activists was acquitted of a lawsuit submitted against him by [PA] Minister of Social Development Ahmed Majdalani, while an additional lawsuit remains pending against him.

Before the discussions were held, the 35 activists organized a protest vigil in front of the court complex in El-Bireh. The crimes attributed to the activists include among other things disrupting public order.

Activist Omar Assaf noted that there are 37 lawsuits against the 35 activists, because against two of them there are two lawsuits…

The Lawyers For Justice group, which is monitoring the activists’ cases, noted that ‘The Magistrate Court in Ramallah postponed nine discussions of the activists and human rights defenders to the date of Jan. 19 [2022], following the witnesses’ failure to appear and their absence from the discussions.’

Activists and human rights activists wearing orange clothing gathered in front of the court before the discussion, and they held signs with text demanding to protect the freedoms and freedom of expression, in addition to other signs defining the activists’ trial as a violation of the law.

The people on trial were arrested by the Palestinian [PA] Security Forces after they participated in processions demanding justice on the issue of political activist Nizar Banat’s murder on June 23 [2021].”



PA critic and activist Nizar Banat died after being violently beaten and arrested by PA Security Forces in Hebron on June 24, 2021.


Ahmed Majdalani also serves as Secretary-General of the terror organization Palestinian Popular Struggle Front (PPSF), PLO Executive Committee member, and head of the PLO Department of Labor and Planning.