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Official PA daily: Israel’s killing of terrorists behind Eilat attack is a “massacre”

On August 18, 2011, several Palestinian terrorists armed with rifles and bombs carried out a series of coordinated terror attacks near Eilat killing 6 civilians, a soldier and a security officer. Israel responded to the attacks by targeting the leaders of the organization behind the terror attack, the Popular Resistance Committees, killing 5 members of this terror organization and a child in an air strike on Gaza.
"Armed men (i.e., terrorists) kill eight Israelis in Eilat and Israel assassinates 5 senior [personnel] and a child in Gaza... The White House and the European Union condemned the attacks in southern Israel, and did not address the massacre in Rafah."
"Armed men killed eight people in southern Israel yesterday, among them a soldier and a police officer... in three attacks along the border with Egypt. Israel responded with an air strike on Gaza, as a result of which six residents died as Shahids (Martyrs)... Washington and the European Union hurried to condemn the attacks in Eilat in the strongest terms, without addressing the massacre which the occupation carried out in a home in Rafah (i.e., the house in which the leadership of the Popular Resistance Committees was located)."
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