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PA daily attacks PMW report on Fatah children’s magazine, saying PMW “incites against the Fatah Movement, the PA, and Waed magazine”

Headline: “WAFA monitors the incitement and racism in the Israeli media”




“The Palestinian [official PA] news agency WAFA has been monitoring the incitement and racism in the Israeli media outlets for the period of Nov. 21, 2021 – Nov. 27, 2021…


In the paper Israel Hayom an article [on PMW] was published entitled 'This is how PA kids are brainwashed,’ which incites against the Fatah Movement, the PA, and the Waed magazine that is published by Fatah (refers to article on the PMW report “The PA/Fatah Vision for Israel's Destruction: A study of Fatah’s Waed magazine for children ages 6-15”).


The article [cites PMW, which] claimed that the [Waed] magazine falsifies history and spreads lies, such as 'Terror, murder, and a call to eliminate Israel, the occupying colonialist state, in addition to the invention of 5,000 years of Palestinian-Canaanite existence in this land, dominate the content in this magazine, which is meant for children ages 6-15.’


The article [cites PMW, which] claimed: ‘Fatah’s rewriting of the past generates its vision for the future. The Israeli cities and the entire territory of Israel is described as part of occupied Palestine or with the expression "stolen Palestine." Fatah presents itself as the one leading the armed and ongoing Palestinian struggle, which will reach its end only when Israel is erased.’


It also [cites Itamar Marcus who] said: ‘The material we found in the Waed magazine was much worse than what we found in the Palestinian schoolbooks and because of which the European Union (EU) and other bodies stopped their funding to the PA. Here we see Fatah’s worldview in full, and it is built on demonization, war, and destroying Israel. Waed’s ideology is  that all of Israel needs to disappear, and a Palestinian state needs to be established in its place; and that there can be no compromise.’


The article [cites Itamar Marcus who] said: ‘If this is the PA’s education, there is no peace process. We (sic., “PMW”) call on all the governments and bodies funding the PA to condition their monetary support on erasing the hatred and encouragement of terror from the education of the PA and Fatah, as with education like this the PA and Fatah have proven that the peace process is just a show.’”





Waed Magazine is published by the Lion Cubs and Flowers movement (Fatah's movement for young boys and girls) - which is run by the Fatah Mobilization and Organization Commission. Waed is distributed in schools and at Fatah events for children and it is also published on the movement's website, defining itself as "a cultural monthly that deals with issues related to children aged 6-15." The magazine contains quizzes, short stories, and educational information, some of which promote hate and terror, deny Israel's right to exist, praise "the armed struggle" (i.e., violence and terror), rewrite/erase Israel's history, glorify Martyrdom-death, and praise imprisoned and dead terrorists.