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Israel intentionally spreads disease, weakness, and slow death

Mahar Aldasouki, Head of PA Consumer Protection Association:
     “The dangers and the organized acts of destruction that the heads of the Zionist movement are supervising… in addition to the acts of murder of babies, the elderly, and attack on the honor of man… the regimes of the occupation and the settlers burn the crops and spray the land with poisonous pesticides, and flood it with waste water, which contaminates the environment, the land and the water… and also flood our markets with hundreds of thousands of tons of food products which are unfit for human consumption…the common goal which stands behind this is the proliferation of disease, weakness, and slow death in the Palestinian body by indirect means in addition to the direct means such as killing and the confiscation of lands…the equation is clear and it is that they fixed for themselves a goal of man and land, and therefore the Zionist movement acted and still acts to find various ways of oppression and hostility to eliminate the legal existence of our people on its land…Those responsible for the factories in the settlements package milk, which is designated for fattening calves and smuggle it to the Palestinian markets for sale as milk for babies… the distribution of meat and lamb, which are filled with carcinogenic hormones is done intentionally…[and they engage in] the penetration of poisons and filth-ridden products and smuggling them to us. He [Head of Consumer Protection Association] points to these three subjects, which cause severe disease which destroy the Palestinian’s body and influence the genetic code and the destruction of the coming generations, all this in accordance with hard scientific facts…he pointed to the fact that the children are the main target in this hostile plan being carried out against of people and said: the failure of the Zionists in the expulsion caused them to try to transfer the equation to another kind of expulsion and that is the Palestinian expulsion from the land down to the dust underneath.”