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Islamic Jihad thanks PA for helping to release hunger striking terrorist, Hisham Abu Hawash, from Israeli prison

Official PA TV program Palestine This Morning




Senior Islamic Jihad official Muhammad Shalah: “Today the decisive word is that of Fatah. Before I appeared on the screen I asked about the mediators [who brought about the release of hunger striking terrorist prisoner Hisham Abu Hawash], and the [Islamic Jihad] leadership informed me that the PA played a role among the mediators. I am very happy because I want to thank the PA, this gladdens the heart. Even though we have had many disagreements with the PA, I seek that which will unite the Palestinian people. I was happy that I would thank the PA and some of the PA leadership that participated in contacts that led to celebration and victory. If only we always would be used to thanking each other, to being on the same side, and we will express a united position.”