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Lie: There is no incitement in PA schoolbooks, claims Fatah

Headline: “Palestinian congratulations on the European Parliament’s vote in favor of raising UNRWA’s aid by 55 million euros



“The Fatah Movement said that the European Union’s (EU) vote by an overwhelming majority in favor of continuing to provide aid to our people is a slap in the face of the Israeli incitement.

Through its [Fatah] Spokesman in Europe Jamal Nazzal, Fatah added that the European Parliament rejected proposed resolutions that were supported by forces supporting Israel in order to reduce 20 million euros from the aid that the EU provides, on the pretext of alleged incitement in the Palestinian [PA] schoolbooks. This is an old Israeli broken record whose goal is to tighten the noose around the Palestinian [PA] leadership and push it to uproot the national spirit from the schoolbooks.