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PA wipes Israel off the map, renaming Southern Israel as "Southern Palestine"

Headline: “Quran Stories and Wonders: Stories of Moses, may Peace be upon him, Part II”

Written by Sheikh Rafiq Saleh Al-Sharif of Bitunya in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida’s religious supplement.”



 “When [Moses] entered the city without the inhabitants noticing, at noontime during the mid-day nap when stores are closed and people were in their homes, he found two men struggling with each other. One was an enslaved Israelite and the other was one of Pharoah’s aids. When a man of his own group called for help, Moses had no choice but to strike the Copt, and so he struck him with his fists and killed him… and word of Moses having killed the Copt spread and became known to all.

[Allah] said, ‘A man came running from the other end of the city and said ‘Oh, Moses, the masses are planning to kill you’… and he [Moses] left [the city] fearing what might come, and he said ‘God, save me from the unjust people’


He [Moses] quickened his steps seeking salvation and walked in the desert with no provisions or water for 80 days and nights, and when he arrived in Midian, a city near the Gulf of Aqaba in southern Palestine and the north of the Hejaz (the Arabian peninsula), he began looking for water.”