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After millions of dollars were donated to the PA for a hospital which was never built, Hamas demands – "where is the money?"

Al-Risala, Hamas, newspaper  |

Image published by the Hamas affiliated website Al-Resalah














































Text on image: “Where is the money of the Khaled Al-Hassan Hospital for Cancer and Bone Marrow Transplants?


2016 – collection of more than $12 million in donations

2017 – signing of agreement to design the hospital

[PA Prime Minister Muhammad] Shtayyeh declared the start of establishing [the hospital] in December

(A picture shows PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas at the hospital’s cornerstone laying ceremony -Ed.)

2018 – a presidential order to establish an institute that would manage the project

2021 – a presidential order laying the groundwork to cancel the idea of the hospital

2022 – [PA] Ministry of Health: There isn’t enough money to establish it”

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