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PA emphasizes that Fatah supports and "praises" the 6 Palestinian "heroic" terrorists who escaped Israeli prison

Excerpt of aneditorialby the official PA daily

Headline: “The fabrications of the wretched people at the Al-Akhbar paper”



“The Hamas Movement alone is the one that fabricated the news item on the PA’s willingness to cooperate with the occupation regarding the freedom tunnel heroes (refers to Gilboa Prison escape; see note below -Ed.), and it broadcast this on the screen of [Hamas’] Al-Aqsa TV, and its source was the Israeli Security Agency! And everyone knows that Hamas, of which none of the six heroes [who escaped] were members, was not balanced and was even jealous in its media coverage of the matter, because Fatah Movement Revolutionary Council member Zakariya Zubeidi (i.e., terrorist, responsible for numerous attacks) was one of these heroes, and the matter became famous because of his position and his name that are well known…

The editor [of the Lebanese paper Al-Akhbar] and the writer of the article did not read Fatah’s announcements that praised the operation and warned the occupation authorities not to harm the lives of the six heroes, and [said] that the prisoners’ issue is a red line that must not be harmed under any circumstances from the perspective of Fatah and the PA. They did not read the articles that unanimously agreed that what the six heroes achieved is a miracle, and they did not watch – only out of malicious intent – the video reports of [official] PA TV about the popular demonstrations that included all the Palestinian cities of the West Bank as a sign of support for the heroic prisoners,which were all under Fatah flags and under its leadership.




2021 Gilboa Prison escape

Zakariya Zubeidi

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