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Fatah "completely agrees" with Amnesty International's report that Israel is an apartheid state

Headline: “Fatah: Amnesty International’s report reflects Israel’s true nature




“The Fatah Movement emphasized in a statement by [Fatah] Revolutionary Council member and Official [Fatah] Spokesperson Osama Al-Qawasmi that the Amnesty International organization’s report is warmly received, and it reflects an important part of the Israeli occupation state’s true nature, its racist actions, and its crimes against the Palestinian people and against all of humanity.


Al-Qawasmi said: ‘Yes, we completely agree with this report that defines Israel as a state of racial segregation and an apartheid regime and its actions against the Palestinian people as crimes against humanity. This obligates all the relevant international bodies to take real steps in order to stop these racist actions, which the international community denounces.’


Al-Qawasmi emphasized that this report constitutes additional testimony for those who cast doubt on Israel’s actions, or claim that it is defending itself or that it is a democratic state, because according to this report and other reports by international human rights organizations, Israel reflects the most despicable regime of apartheid and racism against the Palestinian people.