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Newsmax quotes PMW director saying "Israel's care for civilians is unique… the international community's questioning of Israel exposes its great hypocrisy"


Biden, Media Show Contempt for Israel's Right of Self-Defense



Ten Israeli civilians were killed without warning last week when terrorist forces hiding out in the Gaza Strip poured thousands of armed rockets into densely-occupied areas of Israel. This was an unprovoked military attack on a civilian population that simply wants to go about the everyday business of living.

Responsible for this atrocity is the Iranian-sponsored terrorist group Hamas. The objective of this group, so they claim, is to assert Palestinian rights. Their real purpose is to murder Jews and destroy the State of Israel.

Our mainstream media refuse to applaud Israel's policy of issuing warnings before intended airstrikes. The AP was able to evacuate its journalists only because the IDF alerted every single person inside that the building was about to be targeted by an airstrike.

Sadly, Israel's humane policy gave Hamas additional time to continue firing rockets at population centers. No other army in the world would exercise such restraint, yet Israel is regularly accused of deliberately targeting Palestinian civilians.

Even the Palestinian press has acknowledged that buildings are evacuated before they are hit. Palestinian Media Watch director Itamar Marcus said that "Israel's care for civilians is unique, especially in the history of warfare against terror organizations that use civilians as human shields. Moreover, the international community's questioning of Israel about civilian casualties exposes its great hypocrisy."

Palestinians claim at least 145 people have been killed since they began the conflict, including 41 children. Israel has reported 10 dead, including two children.

"The party that bears the guilt for this confrontation is not us," said Prime Minister Netanyahu, "it's those attacking us." Netanyahu said Israel's air and artillery barrage killed dozens of Hamas militants and destroyed hundreds of Hamas sites including missile launchers and a vast tunnel network.

Will there be an end to the fighting? "The moment they give up their desire to annihilate the Jewish people and the Jewish land," said Naftali Bennett, "there will be peace."

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