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PA column spreads absurd libels, including that "ISIS was established by the US" and "Jews murdered 56,451 of their own prophets"

Excerpt of a column by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, regular columnist for the official PA daily and former advisor to former PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad on national affairs


Headline: “In order to do justice with Islam and explain the truth”




“A dear friend sent me an article by Moroccan publicist Muhammad Iazza, whose title is ‘What is ISIS-ism?’ There is some truth in the article, when [the author] attributed the roots of ISIS-ism to the cultural heritage in the Islamic legal schools…


But the author forgot or intentionally or unintentionally ignored how human history is a history of struggle between good and evil; a struggle of slaves against masters; a struggle of poor, oppressed, and vassal people against feudal lords; a struggle of the working class against the bourgeois and the wealthy. Before all of this, and in the same context, he skipped over the most important fact, and that is that Islam is the third monotheistic religion, and that its only prophet, the last of the prophets, [Prophet] Muhammad ibn Abdallah, peace be upon him, died a natural death. In contrast, the members of the Jewish religion murdered 56,451 of their prophets (sic., there is no evidence for this claim). Just as an example, in the period of Prophet Elijah, peace be upon him, they murdered tens of thousands of prophets (sic., apparently refers to Queen Jezebel murdering prophets as recounted in Kings I 18:4, but no number is given of those killed), and according to [medieval Muslim scholar] Ibn Qayyim [Al-Jawziyya] the Jews murdered 70 prophets in one day.


The history of Judaism is a history of wars and struggles to this very day.

Much can be said about the wars of the members of the Christian religion, which are divided into a number of categories, including:

A: Civil wars

B: Crusades

C: Europe’s bloody wars…


Afterwards a new period of wars arrived, including the First and Second World Wars from 1914-1918 and 1939-1945, whose goal was a division of influence in the world. Only the capitalist states of Europe participated in them (sic., communist states such as the Soviet Union also participated and the Nazi party was itself socialist, and likewise non-European states such as Japan also participated), and  100 million victims died in them. This is in addition to the great number of criminal colonialist wars… that the capitalist Western states led by the US have waged from the end of World War II until today. They left millions of victims in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Taiwan, China, the Philippines, Indonesia, South Africa, dozens of African states, in Asia, and in the Middle East that is still collapsing under the yoke of the American and capitalist wars whose goal is to steal the people’s resources.Our country Palestine received a great portion of the ugliness and lowliness of the capitalist West, which created the Zionist colonialism that was brought in order to steal the land, resources, history, identity, and cultural heritage. This bloody conflict is raging and burning to this very day…


The capitalist West, and foremost among it the US and its pawn the Zionist colonialist project state… was and still is the number one producer of organized terror and crime, and no one else. Therefore, authors and thinkers need to stop accepting the spoiled goods that the West and its massive media machine are spreading, and to stop placing all the responsibility on the Islamic religion…


It is true that ISIS-ism and all the extremist Islamist streams like it have an Islamic background, and it is also true that it claims to speak on behalf of Islam. But the monotheistic and tolerant Islamic religion is innocent of it, and it has no connection to it. It is a satanic offshoot, and it was created, established, and formed by the capitalist West in general, and by the US in particular.