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Israel preventing terrorists from attacking Israelis was a “despicable crime, reflecting the arrogance of power” says PA Prime Minister

Text posted on the Facebook page of PA Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh



Posted text: “We condemn the despicable crime that the occupation soldiers committed at dawn today [Sept. 26, 2021] against five of our sons from the towns of Biddu and Burqin (refers to Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists killed in an operation to prevent an imminent attack -Ed.). We hold the occupation authorities fully responsible for this crime, which reflects the arrogance of power that the occupation authorities are implementing against our unarmed people, particularly towards its belief in the necessity of its victory, the achievement of its right and its self-determination, and the establishment of an independent state whose capital is Jerusalem.


The [PA] government announces to our people and the free people in the world the death of the five Martyrs in Jerusalem and Jenin: Ahmed Zahran, Muhammad Hmeidan, Zakariya Badwan, Osama Sobeh, and young Yusuf Sobeh (i.e., Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists) whose body is being held by the occupation authorities. The government calls on the international community to bear responsibility for stopping these crimes, providing protection to our people, and releasing the body of young Martyr Yusuf in order to bring him for burial.


Honor and eternity for the souls of the pure-hearted Martyrs, endurance and consolation for their mothers, fathers, and families, and freedom for our people from this criminal occupation, which is continuing to abuse and attack our people.”