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Israeli security forces trying to control violent riots is "the same as the crimes that the Nazis committed"

“‘The guardians of Jabal Sbeih’ (i.e., mountain in the West Bank where the Jewish town of Evyatar is located) in the town of Beita, south of Nablus, emphasized that the town will know no rest until the last caravan that the occupation placed on the peak of the mountain is removed.


During a press conference that was held two days ago [Aug. 15, 2021], they called on the world and the human rights organizations to intervene immediately to stop the massacres against Beita and its residents (refers to recurring violent riots by Beita residents targeting the nearby Israeli outpost of Evyatar, leading to clashes with Israeli security forces -Ed.)…


The speakers at the press conference condemned the international silence over the occupation authorities’ actions against the town of Beita. They emphasized that the crimes that the occupation is committing against the town are the same crimes that the Nazis committed.”