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PA TV honors terrorist murderers as heroes

Sister of Nayef Abu Sharkh (a senior member of Tanzim, responsible for dozens of terror attacks in Israel, killed by the Israeli army) reads from a letter from prisoners:
 "In this blessed month [Ramadan] and at these blessed moments, from this blessed gathering, we stand in submission and with pride, in order to fill our lungs with our heroes, our Shahids (Martyrs), and our great ones – the fragrance of Shahada (Martyrdom for Allah), which pervades every corner of the sad homeland. We stand in submission and with pride to present it [the fragrance of Shahada] to the soaring founding leader, Nayef Abu Sharkh – Abu Fathi and the leader, engineer of the Martyrdom-seekers, Mazzen Friteikh (involved in the double suicide attack in Tel Aviv in January 2003, which killed 23 and injured another 106. Also involved in the attack at the French Hill junction in Jerusalem, June 2002, which killed 7 and injured 37, as well as other attacks. He was killed by the Israeli army).