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Abbas says he will demand returning to the UN partition plan that was rejected by the Arabs in 1947

Headline: “The [PA] president: Israel’s rejection of the two-state solution will obligate us to turn to other options”





“[PA] President Mahmoud Abbas met with important figures from the Hebron and Bethlehem districts yesterday evening [Oct. 2, 2021] at the [PA] Presidential Office in Ramallah.


In a speech that the president delivered before them, he dealt with the issues that arose in his latest speech before the UN General Assembly, in which he determined a time period of one year for the end of the occupation. He said: ‘Israel’s rejection of the two-state solution will obligate us to turn to other options, such as again demanding the 1947 partition resolution (i.e., the UN partition plan; see note below), or going towards one democratic state in the territory of historical Palestine (i.e., all of Israel and the PA areas), in which the Palestinians’ full political and civil rights will be realized in the territory of historical Palestine.’”





UN Resolution 181 (the UN partition plan for Palestine) was passed by the UN General Assembly in 1947. It called for the partition of the British Mandate of Palestine into separate Jewish and Arab states, with Jerusalem as a separate entity under the rule of a special international body. The Arab state was meant to be comprised of the western Galilee, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip, and the remaining territory of the Mandate west of the Jordan River would be the state of Israel - Jordan (known at the time as Transjordan) had already been established in what had been the part of the Mandate that was east of the Jordan River. The resolution was accepted by the Jewish Agency for Palestine, but Arab leaders and governments rejected it, and launched a war to destroy Israel.