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Norwegian Foreign Ministry rejects PMW documentation: PA salaries for prisoners are social benefits

"[Norwegian daily] Dagbladet has asked the government a number of questions regarding Pal Watch’s (PMW’s) information [on PA paying salaries to imprisoned terrorists], but the [Norwegian] Foreign Ministry denies these problems and refers to the salary payments as social benefits.
‘The PA has, in the same way other countries’ governments have, a variety of programs for social transfers to its citizens, including people who are imprisoned. Social benefits to the families of Palestinians in Israeli prisons are part of the total Palestinian social security system and are intended to compensate for loss of income. Such social transfers have been made for as long as the PA has existed and [are made on] social grounds, including considerations for children in the family,’ writes Frode Overland Andersen in the Foreign Ministry in an email.
That the prisoners receive a higher average salary than teachers, soldiers and others performing key functions in a future Palestinian state, was not commented on by the Foreign Ministry.
the Foreign Ministry does not believe that a new law has been adopted [by the PA as reported by PMW]:
‘The PA states that it has not adopted new legislation of importance regarding this type of welfare programs recently. There is however a bill from the prison inmates’ support group, which has not been adopted and which probably will not be addressed in the near future either,’ Overland Andersen continues.
‘Norway has continuous contact with the PA and other donors to ensure that our aid to the Palestinian Authority is used in accordance with the conditions.’"

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