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Western countries dropped "Jewish bomb” on Palestinians by helping to establish Israel

Official PA daily columnist Adel Abd Al-Rahman writes in response to a statement by Israeli Minister Uzi Landau who threatened, according to the writer, to destroy UNRWA:
"Israel threatens to destroy UNRWA"
"[UNRWA] is the UN agency which deals with the issue of the Palestinian refugees. It is not a favor on the part of any country of the world, but rather a small portion of the responsibility that rests upon the entire international community, and especially the western countries, which dropped the Jewish bomb on the Palestinian Arab nation, which had no responsibility for the Holocaust and the crimes of fascism and Nazism by Germany, Italy and Europe in general. The role [of UNRWA] will come to an end when there is an end to the problem of the Palestinian refugees, through their return to the homes from which they were expelled in 1948, and their compensation for the theft of their property and their resources for the past 63 years… The same can be said of what the donor countries transfer to the PA [general] budget. In other words, the aid which is given to [the PA] is not considered a favor on the part of the donor countries; it too is part of the responsibility that rests upon the civilized world, especially the US and the EU with all its [member] states, which were the direct reason for the Palestinian Nakba (i.e., “catastrophe,” term used by Palestinians for the establishment of Israel in 1948), since they collaborated with the Zionist movement in establishing a 'homeland' for the Jews in Palestine at the expense of the Palestinian Arabs."