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PA TV: Mother of terrorists chosen by the PA to launch the statehood campaign

In a widely publicized event, the PA had Latifa Abu Hmeid, mother of 4 terrorist murderers and a "Shahid," lead the procession to the UN offices in Ramallah and to hand over a letter for the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.
PA TV News interviews Abd Al-Mun'im Wahdan, a member of the "Palestine - the 194th state" national campaign:
"We of the 'Palestine - the 194th state' national campaign [calling for] a Palestinian state with full sovereignty on the territory of Palestine, send a delegation from institutions, organizations, and popular factions. This delegation was headed by Um Nasser Abu Hmeid - this fighter woman, who is the mother of seven prisoners and the mother of the heroic Shahid (Martyr) from the [military wing of Hamas] Izz A-Din Al-Qassam Brigades. This campaign included a letter in which the people demand that the UN recognize Palestine as a state with full sovereignty, like the other countries."
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Note: Latifa Abu Hmeid's sons are serving a total of 18 life sentences for the following crimes:
Nasser Abu Hmeid - 7 life sentences + 50 years - commander in Fatah's military wing the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades in Ramallah. Convicted of killing seven Israeli civilians and 12 attempted murders.
Nasr Abu Hmeid - 5 life sentences - Member of terror faction of Fatah, Tanzim, and convicted of involvement in two terror attacks and arms dealing.
Sharif Abu Hmeid - 4 life sentences - a member in one of the brothers' units carrying out terror attacks against civilians and soldiers. Accompanied a suicide bomber to his attack in March 2002.
Muhammad Abu Hmeid - 2 life sentences + 30 years - involvement in terror attacks.
Abd Al-Mun'im Muhammad Yusuf Naji Abu Hmeid - the one referred to as "Martyr" - was a member of the military wing of Hamas, Izz A-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, and planned and carried out the ambush and murder of an Israeli intelligence officer.

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