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Palestinian narrative is "the true unblemished and undisputed historical narrative,” Jews are “liars,” says PA TV preacher


Official PA TV, broadcast of Friday prayers and sermon by PA Shari’ah Judge Abdallah Harb at a mosque in Ramallah

PA Shari’ah Judge Abdallah Harb: “This land, the adults among us know, they [the Jews] did not establish a stone, a plot of land, or a structure, as they brought all the archaeologists [here] to prove that this land is theirs, that it is ‘The Temple Mount,’ that it is ‘the promised land.’ They didn’t succeed in this... They are oppressors, they are liars, and the right is ours. Ours is the true unblemished and undisputed historical narrative. They are the people of falsification and untruth.”


Contrary to what the preacher claims, an abundance of archaeological evidence proves Jewish history in Israel, whereas the Palestinians have no history prior to the modern period.


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