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Double standards: Palestinians in Lebanon have "officially have been banned from certain industries for decades," but only Israel is labelled an apartheid state

Headline: “The Lebanese minister of labor says that the decision to ease the limitations on work for the Palestinians does not change the law in any way”





“Lebanese Minister of Labor Mustafa Bayram said that the decision that he made yesterday [Dec. 8, 2021] on allowing the Palestinians who were born in Lebanon to work in professions that were forbidden to them does not change anything regarding the law, the ordinances, and the regulations of the professional syndicates.


The minister announced his decision yesterday to integrate the Palestinians in the public service economy by removing the ban that has been placed on employing them in some fields including medicine, law, pharmacy, public transportation, engineering, and professions requiring membership in the national professional syndicates. This was reported by the Lebanese National News Agency. The National News Agency emphasized that the order will permit Palestinians who were born in Lebanon and are officially registered in the [Lebanese] Ministry of Interior registry to work in professions that they officially have been banned from for decades.


However, the minister explained today that what he did is ‘an expansion of the Palestinians’ employment rate and nothing more.’”