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Instead of "Israel" say “the Israeli colonialist occupation” - PA TV host teaches "correct" and "incorrect" terms

Official Palestinian Authority TV  |

PA TV program Media Cafe with discussion about use of terminology that serves the Palestinian people. PA TV host to guest, writer and journalist Professor Muhannad Abd Al-Hmeid: 
     “Let’s look at some terms, which most of the journalists err by using them in their reports and articles.”
List of 'wrong' terms with the 'correct' forms that should be used is shown on screen:
[Wrong term:] "Negotiations are the only way" – [correct term:] "Negotiations are one of the ways"
[Wrong term:] "Israel" – [correct term:] "the Israeli colonialist occupation"
[Wrong term:] "the Nakba (i.e., “The Catastrophe”, a term used by Palestinians referring to the establishment of Israel)" – [correct term:] "ethnic cleansing"
[Wrong term:] "settlements" – [correct term:] "colonies"
[Wrong term:] "terror" – [correct term:] "resistance"
[Wrong term:] "separation fence" – [correct term:] "racist separation wall"
[Wrong term:] "casualties" – [correct term:] "Martyrs" (Shahids)
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Note: This was originally broadcast on June 16, 2011.

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