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"The Zionist colonialist project is not just directed against Palestine, but against all the Arab region’s peoples and states" says activist on Lebanese boycott of Israeli sports

Official PA TV program Palestine This Morning, on a delegation of Arab athletes in Lebanon calling to boycott Israeli athletes





Secretary of the March of Return organization in Lebanon Abd Al-Malik Sukkariya: “This is a realization of the Arab and Islamic values in the full sense of the word. Supporting Palestine and Palestine’s cause is a duty for every Arab and every Muslim, because the Zionist colonialist project is not just directed against Palestine and the Palestinian people, but rather against all the region’s peoples and all the region’s states. Therefore, when an Arab Moroccan supports Palestine, he is simultaneously defending Arab Morocco, and when a son of the [Persian] Gulf supports Palestine, he is defending the Gulf. We are members of one nation that is being subjected to attack, and we will triumph only if we will be united.”


Representative of the Syrian Al-Jaish SC football club Qutaiba Al-Rifai: “Of course the Palestinian cause – from our perspective as Syrians, all the athletes who believe in the Palestinian cause – it is an important matter. On a number of occasions we refused to enter the occupied lands as long as the Zionist occupier is there, during the [AFC] Asian Cup championship (Israel does not compete in the Asian Cup, refers to Syrian teams refusing to play against Palestinian teams in Ramallah to avoid passing through Israeli border crossings -Ed.). What you see today is an expression of honor, and this is a message that the athletes are carrying, and it is the strongest proof that the Palestinian cause is our first cause wherever we have been, and sport is part of this.”





Prizes are given to Arab athletes, with the participation of PLO Secretary in Lebanon Fathi Abu Al-Ardat.