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PA liebl: "The political echelon in Tel Aviv is exerting significant pressure to force Amnesty International not to publish" their report calling Israel an apartheid state

Official PA TV News




Official PA TV reporter: “The publication of Amnesty [International’s] report includes facts regarding what our people are undergoing due to the occupation and its policy, despite the attempts by the political echelon in Tel Aviv to exert significant pressure to force the organization not to publish it, to the point that they accused the human rights organization of Antisemitism in empty rhetoric whose goal is to silence any organization or position that exposes their crimes, and exposes the occupation’s racist and ugly face that they are attempting to beautify by spreading resounding slogans about them being an oasis of democracy and human rights.

The agreement among the absolute majority of international human rights organizations is that Israel is committing ethnic cleansing and persecution against our people at every time and place, and they are spreading news about this through extensive reports that contain transparent and objective monitoring and documentation. Therefore, these reports carry great political and legal significance in supporting the activity of the [PA] leadership at the International Criminal Court (ICC), and in directing the world’s attention to the occupation’s crimes.”