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"The EU and all regional organizations" must recognize Israel as an apartheid state and legislate against that "crime" says PA Minister

Official PA TV program Personal Encounter, on the Amnesty International report accusing Israel of “apartheid” that was published on Feb. 1, 2022





PA Minister of Justice Muhammad Shalaldeh: “In 1975 – and what has changed since then in Israel? Nothing, but [UN] Resolution [3379] that says that Zionism is a form of racism was revoked. This was determined in the resolution that was passed in 1975 and had a significant weight in international law at the time, and it was revoked after the Madrid Conference of 1991. But relying on this resolution – whether it was revoked or not – we need to raise this topic anew in the international forums, and first of all in national law.

I say we need to legislate a Palestinian national law criminalizing apartheid. This is one matter. Another matter is we need to agree in the framework of the Arab League on legislation of a guiding law regarding the crime of apartheid that Israel is committing, this is very important, and to make sure that all the regional organizations also adopt it, like the European Union (EU). Regarding the EU, if Amnesty [International] defined Israel as an apartheid state, there is a cooperation agreement according to clause 2 between the EU and Israel, according to which Israel needs to preserve human rights and democracy.

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