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PA daily: Israel steals organs from dead Palestinians to treat Jewish patients

Headline: "New book about suffering of sick Palestinians under Israeli occupation"
     "The Al-Zaytouna Center for Studies and Consultations in Beirut has published a new book in the 'Am I Not a Person?' series, entitled 'The suffering of sick Palestinians under the Israeli occupation'…
The book, written by Fatima Itani and Atef Daghlas and edited by Mohsin Saleh, covers 127 average-size pages. This is the 11th part in the 'Am I Not a Person?' series, which deals with different aspects of the suffering caused by the Israeli occupation… The book talks about medical experiments which are conducted in Israeli hospitals on sick Palestinians, including children, old people, and the mentally ill, without the consent of the patients or of their legal guardians, and with no consideration for the international conventions regulating medical experiments on the ill. This is in addition to the experiments which the occupation carries out using dangerous experimental medications on prisoners in its prisons, and in addition to the theft of organs from dead Palestinians in order to treat Jewish patients, including soldiers in the occupation army."

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