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Congratulations, I am happy for you, my beloved, you asked for Martyrdom and achieved it” – Mother celebrates the "martyrdom wedding" funeral of her violent terrorist son

Headline: “The voice of the Martyr’s mother rises above the sounds of joy: ‘I didn’t believe it and you grew up; I want to be happy for you”



“‘Congratulations. I didn’t believe it and you grew up. I want to be happy for you.’ With these words Najwa bid farewell to her son Martyr Nihad Barghouti (i.e., violent rioter, participated in throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers who opened fire in self-defense on Feb. 15, 2022) amid sounds of joy made yesterday [Feb. 16, 2022] everywhere at the Martyrdom wedding (i.e., Martyr's funeral is considered wedding to the 72 Virgins in Paradise in Islam) in Kafr Ein, in the northwest Ramallah and El-Bireh district, with the participation of hundreds of our people…

With a groan and deep pain, the mother of Martyr Nihad, Najwa Barghouti, repeated popular sayings while standing above his head and said: ‘My beloved, you asked for [Martyrdom] and you achieved it.’

His mother said that her son used to tell her: ‘What doesn’t work out the first time will work out the second time,’ and she cried with a broken heart while understanding that she would not be able to see him again…

Nihad did not dream like all the young people, he dreamed of being a groom of Palestine and that his blood would water its soil so that it would give off the fragrance of musk and fill the place with it.Barghouti is a new moon joining the procession of Martyrs in order to increase the gleam of Palestine’s skies.