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PA TV highlights PA statehood bid at the UN with song

1. Recognize "the State of Palestine" song A song praising the statehood bid and PA Chairman Abbas. Video clips show different pictures of Palestinians, Yasser Arafat and Abbas. One clip chosen of Arafat shows him handing a gun to someone. Excerpts of the song: "We're coming, we're coming To declare our state, Palestine We will not forget, we will not forget Your land and [our] yearning for you We came to say out loud [We want] to live with dignity or die Wherever you want [us], we will be Mahmoud Abbas, you are great Oh, Mahmoud Abbas, the elder The nation is behind you no matter what" 2. The UN logo is shown as a puzzle missing a piece. The Palestinian flag in the form of a puzzle piece completes the UN puzzle One of the two Palestinian anthems "My Homeland" is played in the background. 3. The "flying UN seat" of "Palestine" The PA created a chair with the text "Palestine's Right. A full membership in the United Nations". The chair has been touring different capitals in the world and is supposed to arrive in New York on Sept. 20. Opening text of spot: "We're going to the UN. We're carrying our chair in our hands." 4. Spot showing that recognition of "Palestine" is "for the sake of Jerusalem," "for the sake of the prisoners," "for the sake of the return [of refugees]." Text shown further says "I will not remain a refugee - I will return." "For the sake of freedom and independence." "The national campaign, the State of Palestine - 194." 5. Spot with girl dreaming of "Palestine" A young Palestinian girl in a car is going through an Israeli check-point and dreams of the independent Palestinian state, visualizing a Palestinian airport and going through the passport control.

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