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Terrorist prisoners are “heroes of the Palestinian people,” proclaims Official PA Presidential spokesman

Headline: “Abu Rudeina: The prisoners’ cause has created a true feeling of unity among our people, and like Jerusalem it constitutes a message for everyone”



“Official [PA] Presidential Spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeina said that the cause of the prisoners, the heroes of the Palestinian people, practically expressed our people’s unity and its adherence to its rights, just as the cause of Jerusalem and the holy sites there united it. Abu Rudeina added that the Palestinian people always stands as one line in defense of its principles and its holy sites, and that this constitutes a message for everyone: without recognition of all the Palestinian rights – and foremost among them Jerusalem, the prisoners, the international institutions’ decisions, and international law – the entire area will continue to burn, and no one will enjoy security, stability, and prosperity.




Nabil Abu Rudeina also serves as PA Minister of Information, Fatah Commissioner of Information, Culture, and Ideology, and Fatah Central Committee member.