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"The end of the Zionist entity is inevitable, and an existential necessity" claims Palestinian op-ed

Excerpt of an op-ed by Dr. Muhammad Amara Taqi Al-Din originally published in the Egyptian paper Al-Osboa


Headline: “Israel’s end – is it possible?”




“One who steals the right always feels that the right will necessarily return to its owners, and the criminal is always pursued by his crime. Therefore, fears of the tragic end always gnaw away [at them]. Therefore, let us attempt to respond to the question that constantly arises time and again: When will the Zionist entity enter the museum of apartheid and ethnic cleansing, and thus become a part or relic of the past?


When will we come across a gravestone on which is written: ‘Here lies the Zionist entity’? In other words, when will this thieving entity cease to exist in its current form, and thus this wild conflict will disappear?


Delving into the deepest layers of analysis is likely to reveal to us that the end of the Zionist entity in its current form is inevitable, and that it is an existential necessity even more than a moral necessity…


One of the new changes that can be identified and that pushes towards this direction is… the creation of a new consciousness within Israel; currently the Zionist is the one who fears the Arabs, and more precisely the Palestinians. This is a well-rooted and deep change, as the Zionists’ old mental outlook was that the Arabs’ personality is characterized by cowardice and hesitancy. What proves this change is the fact that the Jewish settlers are turning to magic tricks and buying amulets to defend themselves from the Palestinian Martyrdom-seeking operations (i.e., terror attacks) and from the rockets of the resistance.


Therefore, we think that life within the Zionist entity will become more full of concern, especially with the improvement of these rockets’ capabilities, and this is likely to hasten the rise in the numbers of emigrants out of Israel.


Other factors are added to this, such as mixed marriages between Jews and non-Jews, which threatens the Jewish identity of the state, to the point that they call this ‘the second Holocaust’ or ‘the silent Holocaust’ that is destroying Jews and putting an end to their existence silently and without wars or epidemics…


In addition, there are the internal conflicts between the elements of the Zionist entity…





(The article cites statements by Israeli and Jewish leftist figures predicting the end of Israel -Ed.)


We must truly understand that the commentaries and statements regarding the approaching end of the Zionist entity, which are coming from within the entity itself, are in part sincerity and in part nothing more than attempts to put the Arab consciousness to sleep (or they have been used as such) [parentheses in source]. Therefore, we must not rely on a passive position that calls to merely watch [from the side] and wait for the Zionist entity to collapse on its own…


Yes, we must be optimistic when we examine these conclusions, but this must be accompanied by action according to carefully calculated plans, without the naïve and foolish optimism that the lazy consume like an opiate…


Let us adhere to our position that supports the Palestinian cause and let us hold onto it with all our might, as all the causes and factors of collapse will not intensify and will not give results without escalating pressures from our part on all levels: the political, economic, cultural, psychological, and social [levels]. The rule that we must know well is that there is a direct correlation between increased pressure on the Zionist entity and the intensification of these factors that herald its collapse.


On the other hand, if this thieving entity wants to avoid this fate, there is no – and also will be no – solution on the horizon other thanthe Zionists becoming an organic part of humanity, with everything that this concept indicates, or else they will be forced to do this – and all the moral means are possible.


Instead of the Zionists demanding that everyone normalize with them, they themselves must normalize with humanity. They must return to being true humans by crushing their racist theses, abandoning their criminal acts against the Palestinians, admitting to those they committed in the past, and simultaneously apologizing for them.


Afterwards they must view themselves as part of general human society, in which everyone has equal rights and obligations, [and they will understand that] the Palestinians are a people that has the right to self-determination and to realizing its nationalism on its land, from whose womb it was born thousands of years ago (sic., the Palestinians have no history prior to the modern period).


When this belief becomes rooted in Jewish consciousness, it will be possible to speak about a humane and just resolution of the Arab-Zionist conflict, in a manner that will enable the establishment of a fully sovereign Palestinian state – the same resolution which at its heart is the best guarantee for the continuation of Jewish (and not Zionist) [parentheses in source] existence in this world, if they want this.”