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The "American Empire" committed "state terror unprecedented in history" under the Bush administration

PA daily editorial by Adel Abd al-Rahman:
Headline: "The world on the way to a new era – part I"
"Sept. 11, 2001, was the high point of madness of the American Empire, when the administration of George Bush Jr. lost its mind [embarking on] state terror unprecedented in human history, against all the nations of the world, including the American nation… He targeted the nations of the world without exception, including his allies, using the slogan of war against 'terror'.
That was the moment the American Empire reached the peak of its ascent. At the same time, it marked the beginning of a gradual descent from the top of the pyramid, as a result of the reckless policy of the American administration… In addition, the Bush Jr. administration gave license to everything which is forbidden in order to increasingly impose organized crime and his hegemony on all the nations of the world."

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