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Israel is "carrying out a Hitleresque holocaust against Palestinian and Arab people," falsely claims PA

Excerpt of a column by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, regular columnist for official PA daily and former advisor to former PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad on national affairs


“The criminal coalition government led by colonialist Zionist [Israeli Prime Minister Naftali] Bennett is determined to continue its option, the option of massacre, holocaust, and death, without taking into consideration the results. This is because it is a rogue, fabricated, illegal, and illegitimate state. This state, which is supported by the US and its allies, has not ceased to continue its organized state terror due to its deep understanding that it is a state that is above the law and hostile to peace. Therefore, all the rational efforts to bring it back to the path of political agreement are attempts without a prospect. This is because they contradict its ideological foundations and its security viewpoints, and mainly its functional colonialist role for whose purpose it was established, and the belief of its successive leaders and governments and of the Zionist establishment that its remaining depends on carrying out the plans that were defined for it, otherwise it will disappear from the geopolitical map.

Therefore, it established its system, its security, political, legal, cultural, and religious foundations, and its myths and fables in order to achieve the goal that was imposed on it, and it instilled a false narrative in the general consciousness of the Khazar Jews (sic., genetic research has proven Jews are not the descendants of Khazars and that they share a common origin in Israel), and simultaneously raped Judaism in order to provide its narrative with a religious nature. This is because it has no historical basis or authority that provides it with sovereignty over the Palestinian land (sic., abundant archaeological evidence proves Jewish history in Israel), as all the colonialists who acceded to the Zionist movement’s intimidation are stateless and a mix of ethnic groups from the various states of the world. The supporting pillar that unites them is carrying out the western colonialist conspiracy that the US is leading, and carrying out the Hitleresque holocaust anew against the Palestinian Arab people and the peoples of the Arab world.