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Lie: Israel "stole falafel, humus and embroidery" from Palestinians as well as "the history of Jerusalem in its entirety"

Headline: “Public and sports officials: Our reaction to the Israeli deception will be to support the Palestinian ‘Jerusalem is ours’ marathon”


Mufti of Jerusalem and the PA, sheikh Muhammad Hussein revealed that one of the goals of their [Israel’s] marathon is to try to make people and the world forget that Jerusalem is an occupied city.This, since both parts of the city are occupied, and the marathon serves as a way to alter the characteristics of the holy city and take it over as well as sites that are holy to Islam and Christianity, in an attempt to alter and falsify its ancient Arab history and culture, which spans 6,000 years. Likewise, he added that the occupation tries with all its might and arrogance to replace the purely Arab-Islamic appearance of Jerusalem with its unsightly appearance, using the false claim that city is only 3,000 years old, that is, [the occupation starts the count] only from the time of our lord David may he rest in peace, and ignores the thousands of years before.

He referred to the danger these Israeli plans to Judaize the city embody and said that those in charge in the Al-Aqsa plaza will fulfill their duty of warning of this danger of attack and defy it with all possible means. Likewise he said that he who steals the falafel, the humus plate and the embroidery on the Palestinian clothing will not recoil from stealing the history of the city in its entirety. However, thanks to the strong will and resolve of the Palestinian people and their resistance, they will not succeed, and the arts, embroideries as well as traditional foods and every one of the city’s stones will retain their Arab character.”