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President of Al-Quds University: "Jews should understand that they have no right to Jerusalem, and regardless of their Judaization and occupation, their end is to disappear"

Headline: “Al-Quds Open University participates in a conference at Zarqa University titled Jerusalem Between the Religions and History”




“President of Al-Quds Open University Dr. Younes Amr and Dr. Ekhleif Tarawneh from the education faculty at Jordan University talked about Jerusalem Between the Religions and History in a conference held at Zarqa University…


Dr. Amr said that the Jews have attacked everything – whether by distortion or falsification in words and actions. He noted that some of the available historical sources of authority should not be relied on, as their goal is to distort [the history of] the city and its roots as the scientific facts regarding the Arabness of Jerusalem are well-established.He also cast doubt on the Israeli stories regarding the Hebrew (i.e., Jewish) presence in Palestine, as several of the researchers have said that they (i.e., the Jews) were in Iraq, while others have said [that they were] in Yemen.


Dr. Amr emphasized that there is no connection between Judaism as a religion and Jerusalem, and that the Zionist claims of the occupation that are brought up today regarding the Jews’ right to hold Jerusalem and manage it are nothing but weeping and wailing over occupation glory that has passed. He emphasized that there is no basis in faith for this in Judaism, and that the connection of the Jews to Jerusalem has always been one of military occupation, and not a connection between Judaism as a religion and Jerusalem.


He noted that the Muslims’ connection to Jerusalem is [based on] faith and worship alike, and explained that anybody who denies [Muhammad’s] Night Journey, for instance, leaves the faith, and that the first direction of prayer was Jerusalem. He also noted that the Christians’ connection to Jerusalem is also [based on] faith, as they believe that Jesus, peace be upon him, was crucified there, that he ascended from [Jerusalem] to Heaven, and that one day he will return to it to correct humanity’s situation.


Regarding the Jews, [Dr. Amr said that] there is no connection [based on] faith between the [Jewish] religion and Jerusalem…


He noted that the Zionist excavations in the holy city [of Jerusalem] are nothing but a fruitless search for occupation glory that has passed, and that Judaism has no connection to it. He also noted that the Muslims and Arabs respect Judaism as a religion, as the Muslims enlist alongside Daoud the Jew (i.e., David) – as he is one of Allah’s prophets – against Goliath, despite his being Palestinian (sic., Philistine) and that this shows that the Islamic faith and the Muslims in general respect other religions, which the colonialist Zionist movement  - which focuses on one period in the history of Jerusalem 3,000 years ago while ignoring the rest of the city’s history that spreads over more than 6,000 years  - has not done.


He also said that the connection of the Hebrews to Jerusalem was only as invading occupiers, and that they are not the owners of this land.Dr. Amr warned the historians and intellectuals not to fall into the trap of some of the Israeli stories, such as the statement that the origin of the Palestinians (sic., Philistines) is on an island next to Greece.


He emphasized that in the Semitic language, the meaning of the word ‘Palestinians’ is ‘workers of land,’ and that they are the owners of this land and settled in the middle agricultural triangle of Palestine and all of the areas of the coast. He explained that the Hebrews, despite being occupiers, only succeeded in taking over part of the mountainous areas and established their kingdom there, but they did not succeed in taking over the coast due to the strength and power of the Palestinians.


Dr. Amr explained that Jerusalem needs two things today: The first is that the Jews should understand for themselves that they have no right to Jerusalem, and that regardless of what steps of Judaization and occupation they take, their end is to disappear, as the wheels of history are turning and truth will triumph in the end. The second is that first the Palestinians and afterwards the Arabs and Muslims understand that it is important to return to sanity and put an end to the rifts, so that we will coordinate our efforts to support the holy city.”