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PA launches master’s degree programs for Palestinian prisoners

Headline: “Signing the second addendum of the memorandum of understanding regarding the prisoners’ university education”



“[PA] Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Mahmoud Abu Mweis, Director of [PLO] Commission of Prisoners and Released Prisoners’ Affairs Qadri Abu Bakr, and Al-Quds Open University President Younes Amr signed the second addendum of the memorandum of understanding that enables prisoners inside the occupation’s prisons to enjoy their right to a university education.

The second addendum of the memorandum includes two master’s degree programs for prisoners in the occupation’s prisons – social work and sociology at Al-Quds Open University.

Minister Abu Mweis said that the prisoners’ education is a national obligation and the duty of us all, and it is a double right that is anchored in law and in humanitarian law. He added that ‘the prisoners have turned the prison and the cells into seminars and courses through their perseverance in studying and knowing, while defying the occupier who is attempting to oppress our heroic prisoners.’

The minister emphasized that the prisoners’ cause is at the top of the priorities of the Palestinian leadership and all the Palestinian people, and he wished them a speedy release from the prisons of oppression and subjugation.

Abu Bakr emphasized that the prisoners’ education and their excellence [in studies] contributes to building our state’s institutions, and providing them with an education is the obligation of us all, as our prisoners are our pride and providing them with their needs and ensuring their rights is a national duty.

Abu Bakr praised this tripartite partnership that emphasizes the great interest and concern in defending the prisoners’ rights, and particularly their right to education ‘that is a sacred right.’”