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PA theater director proud of inserting anti-US statement into play funded by US grant

Palestinian National Theater put on the American play “Passages of Martin Luther King,” written by Stanford scholar Clayborne Carson, with a grant from U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem.
Interview with Palestinian National Theater Artistic Director, Kamal Al-Basha: 

Al-Basha: "I directed a play about Martin Luther King -- 'Passages of Martin Luther King.'"
TV host: "Funded by USAID?"
Al-Basha: "No, not by USAID, by the American Consulate, directly from the American government... I put in scenes that talk about the American-Palestinian relationship. I had one scene -- when the American Consul watched the play his face turned red. This scene shows [Palestinian] refusal to have the American flag, refusal to have the American flag on stage because the Americans used their veto against the Palestinian people. I inserted a political statement against America with American money."
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Note: This interview was originally broadcast on July 6, 2011.

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