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PA attempted to bribe the family of the activist they killed to silence murder accusations

Headline: “Nizar Banat’s brother to Shehab: The PA offered us as much money as we want in addition to recognition of Nizar as a Martyr and the payment of a salary to his family”





“Ghassan Banat, the brother of the late activist Nizar Banat (see note below -Ed.), revealed the details of a proposal from the PA to the family, which was meant to attempt to appease it after he was murdered by the [PA] Security Forces.


In an exclusive interview with the [independent Palestinian news] agency Shehab, Ghassan said: ‘The proposal includes having [the family] come to [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas’ office in order to recognize Nizar as a Martyr, asking for the amount that we want, and the payment of a Martyr’s salary to his family.


He added that the proposal came through Abbas’ Advisor on District Affairs Ismail Jabr and other figures in the PA.

He [Ghassan] emphasized that this proposal or any other proposal from the PA are completely unacceptable…


During a press conference that Nizar’s family held today, Monday [June 28, 2021], it emphasized its opposition to the investigative committee that the PA established, because the parties who are members of it are part of the PA. It also emphasized that it will move for an international investigation.”





PA critic and activist Nizar Banat died after being violently beaten and arrested by PA Security Forces in Hebron on June 24, 2021.

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