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Israel is committing a “criminal holocaust” against Palestinians, lies PA minister of Education

Headline: “The [Fatah] Commission of NGOs and Al-Quds Open University conclude ‘The Zionist narrative – between refutation and deconstruction’ conference”





“The Fatah Movement Commission of NGOs and Al-Quds Open University concluded the first scientific conference [entitled] ‘The Zionist narrative – between refutation and deconstruction’ yesterday [June 30, 2021], [which was held] under the auspices of [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas and in the presence of [PA] Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh…


During the meeting, [PA] Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Mahmoud Abu Mweis spoke. He emphasized: ‘We need the papers that were presented at this conference and a committee that will be established following this conference, in order to help us realize the strategy of higher education and scientific research and the practical measures that the [PA] Ministry [of Higher Education and Scientific Research] will implement in this field, as the universities have a central role in analyzing the narrative and refuting it. We have focused on three central topics and religious myths that caused [the Jews] to claim that Palestine is their land, and on the Zionist narrative about the Holocaust that attracted thousands of immigrants to them, while we must fight the criminal holocaust that the Israelis are committing against the Palestinians, and in whose framework they are settling [Jews instead of Palestinians].’


He added: ‘All the occupation’s decisions and curricula are based on the Jews representing culture, while the Arabs are primitive people and the Palestinians do not exist on the face of the earth. We have formulated a work plan to fight these claims by relying on the universities as centers of scientific and intellectual production based on studying, focusing on archaeological research in order to refute the [Zionist] narrative, encouraging the students to convey our narrative to the world, and bringing students from the European states to the Palestinian universities so they will see the situation as it truly is.’”