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Ireland and Finland "support" the PA's education system despite its known incitement of terror and violence

Headline: “Awratani emphasizes the centrality of Finland and Ireland’s role, which supports the education in Palestine”





“[PA] Minister of Education Marwan Awratani emphasized the centrality of Finland and Ireland’s role, which supports the education sector in Palestine. This was during a visit he held yesterday [July 7, 2021] in his office in Ramallah with Representative of Finland in the State of Palestine Päivi Peltokoski and with Representative of Ireland Don Sexton…


Awratani expressed his appreciation for the connection between Palestine and Finland and Ireland, given that they are two of the states that are aiding and contributing to the development of the education sector…


He noted the challenges that stand before education, especially in the shadow of the occupation’s ongoing attack against the curricula and their description as inciting.


Peltokoski praised the strong connection between her country and Palestine and the joint efforts to support education and develop it. She directed attention to all the joint programs and the constant concern to provide a quality education in Palestine and to have exchanges of knowledge and experience, in a manner that contributes to expanding the horizons of cooperation and encouraging it.


Sexton emphasized Ireland’s positions that support Palestine, its aid to the education sector in all the areas, and the interest that his country is taking in highlighting the stories of Palestinian success in this field.”