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Fatah posts image of armed Palestinian family stepping on Stars of David as they walk toward the Al-Aqsa Mosque

An image posted by Fatah on the Facebook page of Fatah in Hebron shows a man and a woman walking towards the Dome of the Rock. The man is carrying a small child in his arms and a rifle on his back. On the soles of their shoes is the Jewish Star of David.


Text on image: “Going to Jerusalem

May you have a free Palestinian morning”


Posted text: “Good morning, O olive tree in the yard

that lights my lamp with its Jerusalem oil, Without oil.

I use it to light up the darkness of my days

while my son announces my hopes and dreams

Good morning, O you [olive tree] around whom our specters sit on their knees

Good morning, O Jerusalem

Good morning, O Al-Aqsa

Good morning, O Dome of the Rock"