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PA shuts down Christian institution for "daring to host the extremist settler" former Israeli Parliament Member Yehuda Glick

Headline: “Beit Al-Liqa’ in Beit Jala is closed due to a meeting with the extremist Glick”





“The PA decided to close the Beit Al-Liqa’ [Christian] institution in Beit Jala, following a visit by leader of the extremist settlement organization ‘HaLiba’ (sic., the group advocates for Jewish rights to pray on the Temple Mount) [former Israeli Parliament Member] Yehuda Glick, who is known for his recurring break-ins (i.e., visits, see note below) to the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque. An official source said: ‘It was decided to close the Beit Al-Liqa’ association in Beit Jala for a week, until the completion of an investigation of the incident and the implementation of the required measures. The [PA] Security Forces must immediately implement the required measures.’


The [PA] Supreme Presidential Committee for Church Affairs in Palestine emphasized that it will implement the required measures regarding the Beit Al-Liqa’ association in cooperation with the Security Forces and legal bodies, because it hosted extremist settler Yehuda Glick.


The Presidential Committee said in a press release that it ‘will not be negligent or take lightly the fact that Beit Al-Liqa’ association Chairman Johnny Shahwan dared to welcome the extremist Glick, leader of the extremist “HaLiba” organization.’ It said that this is behavior that harms the honor of the members of our Palestinian people, who are fighting against the occupation to defend their land and their sites that are holy to Islam and Christianity. The committee emphasized: ‘This reception was held at a time when the Palestinians are dealing with the desecration of the Christian and Islamic houses of worship in Jerusalem by the occupation and its settlers, and here suddenly appear those who do not represent the Palestinian people and they welcome extremist Zionists on the land of the State of Palestine, while ignoring all the national values.


The reception of the settler aroused great rage. Popular resistance activist Mundhir Amira said: ‘The extremist Yehuda Glick is not wanted [here]. The important figures in the Bethlehem district must condemn the reception of Glick and punish everyonewho was involved in the reception. We thank the Presidential Committee for Church Affairs for its awe-inspiring position.’”






The PA and its leaders misrepresent all of the Temple Mount as an integral part of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Therefore, they vilify any presence of Jews on the mount as a "break-in." It should be noted that Jews who visit the Temple Mount only enter some sections of the open areas, and do not enter the Al-Aqsa Mosque or the Dome of the Rock. Israeli police ban Jewish prayer at the Temple Mount because of threats of violence by Palestinians.