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PA lawyer asks why there is more international support for Ukraine than for Gaza in unjust comparison

Official PA TV program The Supreme Authority





Fatah activist and former PA police officer lawyer Farid Al-Amassi: “The [UN Human Rights Council] report indicates that Israel prevented an investigation from being conducted in the occupied Interior (i.e., Palestinian term for Israel), and this itself convicts [Israel] because this [investigative] committee is a UN committee that was established by a decision of the UN, the [UN] General Assembly, and the Human Rights Council, and the decision to establish it obligates the relevant states to cooperate with this committee…

The report will be published in a few hours, and it will be published at a time of international crisis. All the world’s states have called to protect human rights in Ukraine and noted that there are bombings against civilians and buildings – in the Gaza Strip too they bombed civilians and buildings, and there are actions of forced expulsion in the West Bank and especially in Jerusalem. Why aren’t the states relating to this situation? This is a result of the balance of powers and of a contemptible policy, as was previously noted.”