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Official PA Daily encourages violent Arab riots in Jerusalem and condemns the Gazan rocket barrage for "diverting the compass from Jerusalem"

Excerpt of an editorial by the official PA daily


Headline: “This is the capital”




“While coming out against the attacks of the Israeli occupation and its settlers against the occupied capital of their state, the residents of Jerusalem today are wholeheartedly repeating the words of [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas: There are no [PA] elections without Jerusalem…


Jerusalem’s protectors and guardians have well understood that the elections in Jerusalem are a battle of national sovereignty, and that elections without it constitute an abandonment of this sovereignty and making peace with the ominous statement of [former US President Donald] Trump, who recognized Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli occupation state (see note below -Ed.). Therefore, the protectors and guardians of Jerusalem, the brave residents of Jerusalem, have set the streets of the capital on fire and have lit the torch of defiance next to its historical gates…


It remains for us to warn that the occupation will attempt to divert the compass from Jerusalem and the battle for Jerusalem towards aggressive arrogance against the Gaza Strip, and therefore it must not be allowed to do this. This is the call of Jerusalem now, because the confrontation is here, and the struggle is here. [The struggle is being waged] through the popular resistance (i.e., term used by Palestinians, which also refers to the use of violence and terror), which is teaching the occupation and its settlers the clearest lessons in resolution and defiance, and the clearest heroic examples of defending the sanctity of the capital and its holy sites. No one can allow the occupation to divert the compass. This is the capital, and this is the battle with its different rounds.”






US recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel


Peaceful\popular uprising/resistance

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