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Fatah Central Committee member: The US has no morality, we must work against the US

Abbas Zaki, member of the Fatah Central Committee:
     "Praise to Allah, it was as though I had Divine inspiration; from the moment they applauded [US President] Abu Hussein Obama, and from the moment he began his speech, I swear by Allah, I felt that this man [Obama] was a puppet in the hands of the Zionists and the Israelis – a puppet! No more and no less. Why? Because the history of the United States is a forgery. What they call ideals and the values of Washington, the values of George Washington, and democracy and so on, serves them when they so desire… And [David?] Makovsky said to me, 'He's a friend of the Palestinians.' I said to him, 'A friend may have values and ideals, but a friend whom they play with, and who is afraid – what do we need him for? Our problem with Mr. Obama is that he deceived people. He came in a new garment and with new propaganda, and so on and so forth, but ultimately we can't compare him to Bush Senior or to James Baker, people who might have been responsible. Even Bush [Junior], who destroyed the world – at least when he wanted to give speeches, people knew he was crazy or unstable. But him [Obama] – all that intelligence and all that knowledge that he has, and all his love for Palestine, and he wants to establish a state for us, and [yet] he quickly opens the wounds of the past, and it's as though we were responsible for the Holocaust…
The time has come to leave the equation which separates the US from Israel. Both are [committing] the same crime. They slaughtered the Indians there, but they can't slaughter us here. The world is a small village; today there are changes: In Turkey, let's hear Erdogan's speech; let's hear the speech by Ahmadinejad. As I see it, we must now work with everything which is against the US, so that they will come back to us. Because they [the US] – if they aren't afraid, they're not embarrassed [to act as they do]; they have no values or morality."
PA TV host: "Correct."