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PA Daily says arrival of Jewish Ukrainian refugees is Palestine's "misfortune"

Headline: “One man’s hardship is another man’s misfortune!”




“The World Zionist Organization’s Settlement Division announced that it has begun a process to establish 1,000 housing units in settlements (sic., as noted below in the article, none of the locations are in the West Bank) to absorb Jews fleeing from Ukraine.

Chairman of the World Zionist Organization’s Settlement Division Yishai Merling revealed that before the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war he formulated a detailed plan to establish temporary houses for the Jewish families in Ukraine that are planning to emigrate to Israel. He said that he presented the emergency plan to World Zionist Organization Chairman and Acting Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel Yaakov Hagoel.

The plan includes housing structures on territories ranging from 55 square meters to 90 square meters, and they will serve as sites for absorbing the new Jewish immigrants.

According to the emergency plan, the structures will be established in areas next to the northern borders in the Negev (sic., on Israel’s northern borders and in the Golan Heights, and separately in the Negev), Arava, the Valley of Springs that is next to Beit Shean, and the Jordan Valley.”