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Abbas sends congratulations to Syrian President Assad in the "hope that brotherly relations between the two peoples and lands will develop and blossom"

Headline: “The [PA] president congratulates his Syrian counterpart for Evacuation Day”





“[PA] President Mahmoud Abbas congratulated Syrian President Bashar Assad for the celebration of the Arab Republic of Syria’s Evacuation Day (i.e., the anniversary of the end of the French mandate of Syria in 1946).


President [Abbas] said in the congratulatory telegram: ‘On behalf of the State of Palestine and the Palestinian people, I am happy to extend to Your Excellency – and through you to our brothers the Syrian people – our heartfelt and warm congratulations for Evacuation Day, on which the Syrian people did acts of heroism and made great sacrifices to defend its homeland.’


President Abbas hoped that the brotherly relations between the two peoples and the two lands will develop and blossom, and also wished Syria and the Syrian people prosperity and all the best.”