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PA TV chooses to interview the families of terrorist prisoners and praises them

PA TV program For You interviews families of prisoners from Nablus:
PA TV host (to mother of Kayed Kalbouneh, serving a life sentence): "I always imagine that the status of the prisoners in the eyes of the Lord of the Worlds is, Allah willing, is like the status of the Shahids (Martyrs)."
Host interviews family of prisoner Amal Jum'a, who was arrested the day before she planned to carry out a suicide attack. She then interviews the family of Amir Dhukan (serving 6 life sentences + 20 years) and says:
Host: "I want to send greetings to Amir; Amir is a beloved brother, of course; a beloved friend."
Host interviews daughter of Nasser Al-Shawish (serving four life sentences, responsible for three suicide terror attacks):
Host: "How do you view your father?"
Daughter: "I am proud of him, because he is a poet. May Allah liberate him. He fought for the sake of his homeland, and defended his homeland."
Host interviews family of prisoner Majed Al-Masri (serving 10 life sentences), calling him "our fighter prisoner brother, Majed Al-Masri."
Host interviews family of prisoner Ibrahim Al-Taqtuq, most veteran prisoner from the Nablus district (serving four life sentences), and sends her greetings to him.
Niece of Ibrahim Al-Taqtuq: "We love you very much, and are proud of you."
Host: "Of course, my dear; we are all proud of him, of course, not only his family."

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