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Fatah Official posts honorary poem to violent Arab rioters, who he refers to as “lions of Jerusalem”

Tawfiq Tirawi, Facebook  |

Images and text posted on the Facebook page of Fatah Central Committee member Tawfiq Tirawi



Posted text: “(The following is an excerpt of a poem -Ed.)

Whoever wickedly prods the lion in his jungle will find his death in the [lion’s] fangs

You will not be protected from [the lion’s] attacks if the enemies have sowed ruin and destruction in his thicket

If you made a covenant among yourselves to exploit him, and you entered the depths of the sea to frighten him

You have enraged the monk in his monastery courtyard, and you have angered the sheikh in his mihrab (i.e., prayer niche in a mosque)

O nation that leaps on its right, and holds the sources [of the right]:

Do not despair, whoever marches towards the right will only return with it

The sword will not return to its sheath without the right returning to its owners


Heroes of Jerusalem, you are the reality and the others are the illusion!”


The image shows masked Arab rioters.


Text on image: “Arise for the honor of Jerusalem and bless those who are inside of it

There are lions in Jerusalem who are defending it





Tawfiq Tirawi also serves as Fatah Commissioner of Popular Organizations.‎